Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Seriously, dare you call yourself ‘public servants’?

If I have to listen to another so-called public servant bemoan their 7.5pc pension levy and financial challenges because of the latest Budget, let me remind them of a few things:

• The majority of private sector people are not as well paid as their counterparts in the public sector who cost this country €20bn per annum
• Their lower paid private sector counterparts actually generate the tax revenues that fill the public purse
• The majority of private sector people have taken pay cuts of 10pc and many don’t have a pension to look forward to on retirement
• 60pc of women in the private sector don’t even have a pension
• most people in the private sector are existing on a week to week basis, they don't have the guarantee of jobs for life

I get it that not all public servants are well-paid. But neither are the majority of private sector workers who fear the spectre of redundancies and dole queues.

If 100,000 people with cushy jobs and even cushier pension arrangements want to strike and march and in the process help bring the economy to a grinding halt, they won’t get my sympathy. They’ get my venom.

Grow up for God’s sake.


Paul M. Watson said...

Just want to say not all of us public servants have "jobs for life" and neither are all our jobs "cushy." I am funded by Enterprise Ireland grants. I have a yearly contract, totally dependent on what funds I win from EI. We work long hours here trying to create technology start-ups. The goal is to create viable private companies that stand on their own two feet, employ people, buy local private goods and services and improve the country. We work with a lot of private companies in mutually beneficial arrangements. I could earn a good 20% more if I worked in the private sector but I think my skills are better used here.

The last two budgets have handed me a 14% pay-cut. I'm not going to strike or protest though, we are all in this country together.

I will moan about the pension levy though because it is mandatory and the pension is of no benefit to me (you have to be a "lifer" in a "cushy" job for it to make sense.) I can't even opt out of the pension scheme. I'd happily give the scheme to you, you seem to think it is money for jam.

Please don't tar and feather us all.

Jobs in Ireland said...

Why should a state job be guaranteed.

Why should a minister have 3 pensions.

Why should expenses be paid to politicians when people have to travel for hours from satellite towns, at their own expense, because the Government cronies pushed up the price of property in the main towns. We seem to have forgotten how many brown paper bags were passed around.

Our so called public servants need to be culled.

Look at the size of the Health (lack of) Service and compare this country's population to Manchester's 2.6 million and you can see that we do not need as many health boards or white chiefs as we currently have.

Lets start a cull based on the size of our population. Lets start at the top, we could do with about 50 less TDs for the size of the country when you compare us to other countries.

The country is in tatters and they continue to take long holiday breaks.

What was that saying, I have not heard it in a longtime - oh yes,

Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.

Did the brown paper enevlopes change to Benchmarking.

If Michael Collins was alive today, I think he would have them all shot along with their banker buddies, developers and tax exiles who spend more time here than abroad.

Drastic times calls for drastic measures.