Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pre-fabricate this!

I heard with interest yesterday that our wonderful government is content to pay 48 million euros a year to rent these miserable prefab units for our young to go to class in.

This was in answer to a parliamentary question by Fine Gael.

The outrage seemed to be directed at the waste of money, it would be cheaper to buy these units than pay exorbitant rent every year.

Fair point.

But does no one realise the real scandal is the fact that we use these prefab units at all?

I remember these things well; rickety, smelly exaggerated huts if you ask me. Then again, I went to a school where an entire pre-fab section of the miserable ghetto was called the 'Bogside'. Says it all really.

What are needed are modern, bright, clean, energy efficient permanent buildings.

Prefabs are temporary structures. The problem is they've become a permanent part of the thinking of our inept decision makers.

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Unknown said...

I understand tha prefabs were initially designed in ww2 Britain to provide immediate accomadation to those who lost housing in bombing raids and to accomadate a growing army. That war lasted 6 years, some of these prefabs are over 20 years old!