Thursday, April 23, 2009

A nation howls with rage

'If you're wealthy you can probably relax, but if you're poor you'll see you're cash go down .... when Lenihan comes around.'

Lenihan comes Around Soundtrack courtesy of the Emergency as heard on Newstalk 106. "Cashdog" vocal by Morgan C Jones. Puppeteer Conor Lambert. This shows the bark side of irish politics.' - Dog Owners Weekly

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pre-fabricate this!

I heard with interest yesterday that our wonderful government is content to pay 48 million euros a year to rent these miserable prefab units for our young to go to class in.

This was in answer to a parliamentary question by Fine Gael.

The outrage seemed to be directed at the waste of money, it would be cheaper to buy these units than pay exorbitant rent every year.

Fair point.

But does no one realise the real scandal is the fact that we use these prefab units at all?

I remember these things well; rickety, smelly exaggerated huts if you ask me. Then again, I went to a school where an entire pre-fab section of the miserable ghetto was called the 'Bogside'. Says it all really.

What are needed are modern, bright, clean, energy efficient permanent buildings.

Prefabs are temporary structures. The problem is they've become a permanent part of the thinking of our inept decision makers.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Seriously, dare you call yourself ‘public servants’?

If I have to listen to another so-called public servant bemoan their 7.5pc pension levy and financial challenges because of the latest Budget, let me remind them of a few things:

• The majority of private sector people are not as well paid as their counterparts in the public sector who cost this country €20bn per annum
• Their lower paid private sector counterparts actually generate the tax revenues that fill the public purse
• The majority of private sector people have taken pay cuts of 10pc and many don’t have a pension to look forward to on retirement
• 60pc of women in the private sector don’t even have a pension
• most people in the private sector are existing on a week to week basis, they don't have the guarantee of jobs for life

I get it that not all public servants are well-paid. But neither are the majority of private sector workers who fear the spectre of redundancies and dole queues.

If 100,000 people with cushy jobs and even cushier pension arrangements want to strike and march and in the process help bring the economy to a grinding halt, they won’t get my sympathy. They’ get my venom.

Grow up for God’s sake.